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Property searching brings with it a mixture of excitement, disappointment, highs and lows, and can often be an anxious time for buyers. At Johnson & Jones we aim to assist you in every way we can. We will aid you in your search whether it is your first home, up-sizing, downsizing, a new build or a buy to let investment. Whether you are starting out on your journey or have been searching for a while, speak to a member of our team to find out how we can help.


Area, Style & Size...


Location, location, location! This well-used phrase holds much merit. Think about what’s really important to you - proximity to travel links, schools, nurseries or just a good selection of amenities on your doorstep.Are you looking for a flat or house, modern or period? How many bedrooms? Do you need a spare room or would you benefit more from a greater living space? Is outside space a necessity or just a perk?


...Finance & Offer


When you have found the right property you will want to act quickly, so having your finances in order is of paramount importance. We have a dedicated mortgage advisor who can provide a free mortgage check for you and clearly outline the ideal finance to suit your needs. Our mortgage advisor has access to thousands of mortgages and insurance policies and is well placed to carry out a thorough but speedy initial appraisal, using their extensive knowledge in the marketplace.Once the offer has been agreed between you and the vendor, you will need to instruct a solicitor to cover all legal aspects relating to the purchase. If you don’t have a preferred solicitor, we can happily recommend one to you that we know and trust. As soon as your offer has been accepted you or your mortgage advisor will also complete and submit your mortgage application.




In brief the seller’s solicitor and your solicitor will oversee the legal transfer of the property to you. This involves having the title deeds transferred into your name. This process can take some time as there are many checks that need to be made before the process can be completed. It is imperative that you don’t just consider cost when appointing a solicitor. What seems to be a cheap fix can often cost you more! In some cases it has resulted in the loss of the sale! From experience if you pay a little more you will usually get a good solicitor who is helpful and contactable when you really need them.


...Lending & Survey


If you are getting a mortgage on the property as most tend to do, before your mortgage provider lends on the property they will need to carry out a mortgage valuation in order to protect their investment by ensuring that you are not paying over the odds. As purchasing a property is often the biggest thing you will ever spend your hard-earned cash on, you may wish to instruct a Home Buyer Report or Buildings Survey in addition to the mortgage valuation. These are often not a necessity but do provide you with a more in-depth report.


Exchange & Completion...


Once both the buyers and sellers solicitors are satisfied, having collated all the necessary information and completed all the searches, you will exchange contracts. This makes the contracts legally binding on both sides. Before you can exchange you will need to have your deposit with you solicitor.At exchange of contracts your solicitor will have agreed a suitable completion date. Completion is the final stage and once funds are cleared on that day you are ready to move. The seller’s solicitor will contact us once this is done and we will phone you to let you know you can collect your keys.